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Industries and specialization:

  • BCP
  • Emergency response
  • FMCG
  • IT management
  • Service Management
  • Automation
  • Business processes
  • Building an IT team
  • IT structuring
  • Project management
  • Risk management
  • Finance
  • Cloud/hybrid solutions
  • Digital transformation
  • Informational security

Oleksandr Moskal

  • IT specialist with extensive experience in managing IT teams and building IT systems for business sustainability. 31 years of experience at JTI in the field of IT.


    Managed and developed a team of +30 people as a sub-regional IT manager, and subsequently implemented and developed the company's global information and cyber security system, based on risk analysis and business priorities.


    As a strategic leader, I interact with senior-level stakeholders, shaping strategies for business planning. I have natural abilities to build business relationships.


    Successful in a dynamic global multicultural business environment.


    My main competencies:

    - Business Resilience Management

    - Risk Management

    - IT Disaster Recovery & Continuity Management

    - IT Team & Project Management

    - Trainer, implementer and auditor of multiple ISO standards


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