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Industries and specialization:

  • IT management
  • Automation
  • Business processes
  • Production
  • Geo Technologies
  • Software development
  • Retail
  • Telecom
  • Digital transformation
  • Informational security

Andriy Osipov

  • I have 22 years of experience in IT, 16 of them in management positions. Extensive work experience in the telecom industry, management of large holdings.


    Knowledge of various markets (telecom, investment, retail, fintech, manufacturing). Successful cases of crisis management in IT, construction of IT units from scratch, management of the information security unit. Managed teams of up to 85 employees.


    I worked at Golden Telecom, Group DF International, MOYO, UMCC Titanium. At the moment, I'm CIO of the UFuture holding.


    My strengths:

    • Business & IT alignment. What business and shareholders need from IT.
    • IT Security with a "human face".
    • Balance security and business.
    • Complex IT architecture, integration of information systems and infrastructure.


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